Singletary Photography | About
John Singletary is an accomplished professional photographer with over 30 years of experience. John’s love for photography and photographic career began in the late 1970’s while he was in college at The Citadel. Through the years he has serve in many professional organizations, national magazine photographer, as a newspaper photographer, wedding photographer, model portfolio photographer, special events photographer, sports photographer, wild life photographer, portrait photographer, and the list go on.
John’s critical eye and attention to photographic detail has set him apart from other photographers. Through the years John has been able to accumulate a wealth of knowledge in the field in addition to the formal class room education he has acquired and he shares all of this in the brilliant picture that he photographs for his clients.
John’s primary business is weddings and recently has photographed wedding in New Your, New Jersey, Georgia, in addition to his home State of South Carolina. He is creative, quality driven, and customer oriented.
About My Philosophy
I believe that weddings are special. I love being a special part of a couples celebration of their life and love. A wedding is a celebration, and also a glorious occasion for commitments and vows. A wedding is the beginning of two individual’s history as a couple – the history of your family. I believe that this special time is best suited to honest, joyful documentary and that’s what I pledge to do.